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Judy Travis for Delaware State Representative - 10th District
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Judy Travis — Our Representative For Reducing Government Spending

Did you know that Delaware consistently ranks among the top five highest per capita spenders in the country? Our state government spends almost $10,000 per citizen per year - in fiscal year 2014 it was $9,782 per person!

Delaware even beats out states like New York ($6,790 per person), California ($5,437 per person), and Massachusetts ($7,952 per person) for government spending. The states with the least spending per capita, Florida and Nevada, spend about $3,300 per person per year.

Judy understands that times are tough, and while our government’s budget has doubled over the last decade (now over $4 billion a year), our families’ incomes haven’t.

She knows our families can’t afford the kind of lavish State spending that began with Governor Minner and which has continued through to the present day. As our State Representative, Judy will work to reign-in government spending and cut wasteful programs that drain valuable resources for projects where they are truly needed.

Strengthening Our Economy

Judy Travis knows that small businesses are the engines that drive our economy and provide jobs and services for our community. For thirty years, Judy and her husband, Dr. Arthur Travis, have run their successful chiropractic practice together in north Wilmington, where Judy works as Office Manager handling all financial matters for their busy office.

Judy knows the pressures of meeting a payroll and balancing a budget while raising a family. She also knows that higher taxes in tough economic times hurt middle-class and lower-income families as well as pensioners living on fixed incomes. She agrees with many of her neighbors who are against a possible new Gas Tax, proposed in the State Legislature by her opponent. As our State Representative, Judy Travis will take these concerns to heart and promote pro-growth policies in Dover.

Renewing Our Schools

As a parent and school volunteer, Judy has a long record of involvement in no less than five public schools in the Brandywine School District. In addition, each of her three children graduated from Brandywine High School where her husband Arthur also graduated. Judy believes in local control of neighborhood schools, increased parental involvement, and lower student to teacher ratios. Pro-child and pro-teacher, Judy will work to make Brandywine Hundred’s public schools top in the country again.

Reforming State Government

Judy firmly believes that our government works for us, not the other way around. Our country and our state face real problems right now—everything from high unemployment to out-of-control government spending. But Delaware’s state legislature continues to raise taxes and spend recklessly. One-party political rule must end in Delaware so we can break this cycle of tax and spend.

Judy’s will be a pragmatic and passionate voice in Dover to advocate for laws that will relieve the financial pressures and burdens on our families and businesses, not add to them. Judy Travis brings compassionate care with thirty years of community experience to Dover. Who better than Judy Travis to represent our families and neighbors?



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